What will the Corona-Crisis cost?
And who will pick up the bill?

Is inflation to be expected, or will the central banks lower the interest rates further? US economist and Havard professor Kenneth Saul Rogoff has even advised the central banks to lower the interest rate to minus 3 percent.

But how high is actual inflation, if you take the real estate market into account, for example? And anyway, what is happening in the real estate market? How will it develop after Corona? And where? In other words, which real estate markets in the world are actually interesting?

And stocks? Will there be a second crash? Or are blue chips the way to go? And what about gold? Safe or much too volatile? And oil? And foreign currencies...?

We are now putting together a MASTERMIND-GROUP to ponder exactly these questions.

Let's think about it: The global debt pile has risen to 61 trillion euros. That is 61 thousand billion. Or 7,800 euros per capita of the world population. Including every old man in rural China, and every child in Africa.

But if we look only at the industrialized and emerging nations, and here only at people over 15 years of age, the figure is around EUR 21,000 per capita.

Clemens Fues of the Munich-based Ifo Institute estimates the cost of the corona crisis at 729 billion euros in Germany. That is about 9,000 euros per inhabitant, or about 64,000 euros per family in Germany. Deutsche Bank is reaching higher: it estimates the damage at 1.5 trillion euros. And that would be around 130,000 euros per family in Germany.

Who will pay for this? And how?

Do we have to reckon with asset taxes? With property taxes? Even forced mortgages? And how do I protect myself against this? Which constructions are both effective and legal? Are family funds the right thing? Trust companies? Corporate associations?

And what do I do with cash? Park it in fixed deposit accounts? Invest in the stock market? And then how? Put together a portfolio myself? Trust funds?

The MASTERMINDGROUP „Saving Assets“ discusses exactly these issues … 

Anyone who has some money in their account, or owns real estate or other assets, probably has advisors - asset managers, brokers, the banker who you trust (if they still exist). But let's be honest: Do you always trust the advice of these professionals?

Ultimately, every advisor in the financial market also pursues his or her own interests. That is his or her undisputed right! But it also makes us doubt: Am I really getting the best advice here? And does this advisor in turn have a good, reliable network of advisors where he keeps himself constantly informed?

In the MASTERMIND GROUP „Saving Assets“ we gather all our knowledge. When we exchange and compare our experiences and information, this concentrated knowledge, i.e. the "mastermind" of the group, will result in more reliable forecasts and strategies than any single expert can come up with.

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